Suss pecked tree sunning.

photo (2)It’s official; I will be running Race 5 of the Salmon Run Series in a suit and tie. The mark of $500 for the Suit Up, Pledge Up! Challenge for the Kenai Watershed Forum was thoroughly surpassed by this great community.

The deal still stands; I’m challenging local businesses and individuals to match the community contribution IF I am able to place in the top 10 finishers in the last race. And that’s in a suit and tie. If I do not make it, I pay to match (up to $1000).

Expectedly, many are baffled by my desire to do this.

Allow me to attempt an explanation.

First, I have great respect for the Kenai Watershed Forum. They perform a myriad of services that allow us to keep one of our most important natural resources. The Salmon Run Series, as an example, began as a way to raise money specifically to combat Reed Canary Grass, an invasive species which destroys salmon habitat. The funds from the Suit Up, Pledge Up! Challenge will go toward education, which is of fundamental importance when protecting our watersheds. I love and cherish our natural environment here. I want it to be pristine and productive long after I am gone. The Watershed Forum is doing everything in its power to make that happen.

Second, the Salmon Run Series has changed my life. It has given me the gift of running. It has filled my life with challenges and goals. It has given Wednesdays a singular importance. I love running now, and I love the excitement and wonderful people involved in the Salmon Run Series. Special thanks to Allie Ostrander for coming up with such an amazing way to involve the community for everyone’s benefit.

Third, I wear a suit and tie everyday at work, and though it would be hilarious to run in one, especially for a good cause.

So what can YOU do?

First, you can donate. Show up at the Salmon Run races on Wednesday night at the Tsalteshi Trails, 6pm by the Skyview High School hockey rink.

Second, you can run! See above. Suit and tie optional…

Third, you can take the challenge, or encourage business owners or individuals who appreciate the environment to take it. Remember, you only HAVE to pay if I make the top 10. Last race I came in 4th. Time before that? 8th, and not by much. In a suit and tie, all bets are off.

Be part of something bigger than yourself; pledge, donate, or just come be part of the fun. Hope to see you on the Trails!

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