Thought of the Day

Skiing at minus 6 degrees last night made me worry that my toes might also be “minus 6.”

Random Roll

For some reason, I never thought I was gonna enjoy running or give it and honest effort. If you have kept up with my posts about running, you know I’ve never imagined anything significant was gonna transpire to let this change. At some point, you might have also gone down this path of never anticipating changes are gonna happen. When I run, as I do, slowly and at times painfully, around the Soldotna area and beyond. I wonder what about a desert environment, where you would never (or rarely) get rained upon. But if you’re gonna try and make a change for the abstract, be it tropical, winter, or other climates, you had better not cry foul when the other intangibles occur. Because even if we say we never want changes, what are we gonna do when faced with, say, a hostile environment? It’s sometimes easier to just bid goodbye to those things which we never imagine are gonna occur. Some might tell you that a change of scenery might be good. But is this a lie? Sometimes it is good to stay and grow in your current space, and not risk getting hurt by reaching beyond what you are comfortable with.

Pro Tip: Never mistake pepper spray for an inhaler.

Got whistled at constantly during yesterday’s bike ride.Silly marmots.

Running shoes, hiking boots, biking shoes, work shoes, ski boots, dress shoes, trail running shoes… Since when did I become Imelda Marcos?

This week, I’ve raced the Tour of Anchorage, started Phase II of P90X, and am starting to train for the summer triathlon series.This is Exhibit A of having zero social life.

With the new snow, this morning’s P90X class was nearly rebranded as “P-Shovel-for-90-Minutes-So-Mike-Can-Leave-The-Driveway-X.”

Considering how many people in my exercise class work in Data Processing, I’m thinking it should be called “DP90X.”

After today’s leg workout, if I tried to go downstairs, my steps would quickly devolve into what would best be described as “Out of control Slinky.” I should really wear a helmet.

I like to play games with myself to keep things interesting. Today, I played “Let’s See If I Can Put on Shoes That Are -24 Degrees Because I Cleverly Left Them in the Car.”